Sunday, December 3, 2017

Under the weather

On the way home from senior mass and brunch on Friday I stopped to snap this photo...

I texted it to Mom. This is where she went to college. It is my alma mater, also. She graduated in 1941. There was a legend about the ginkgo tree. I'm not sure if this is still the same tree, but it might be. Anyway. The colors on College Street are still loudly proclaiming fall. 

I had been swallowing with a scratchy throat for several days. I didn't feel bad until I got home. Then I just laid on the sofa for the remainder of the day. Whatever perkiness I felt Friday morning disappeared. 

Saturday I wasn't up to snuff but Christmas decorations were calling my name. Macho said he would help when he finished his yard work. I waited for a bit. Then I realized that I was at the best I was going to be all day. I could not wait for Macho to finish. So up in the attic I went to retrieve the decorations. 

The pencil tree I bought two years ago is easy for me to handle by myownself. And so I did.
I even got 2/3 boxes down by my self. I commenced to decorating. Macho finished the yard stuff and came in to assist. 

He put his ornament on the tree. Yes. This one is specifically his. 
Handcrafted by our Daughter with materials from his Dad's house. The sentiment is advice from her Granddaddy to more carpenters than we will ever know.   

These are my Christmas angels. They are not fine or rare.  Some were very inexpensive. One was a gift from a client at the tax office where I worked for a dozen years. One belonged to my Aunt Eleanor. One came from my mother-in-law. Two I found in an antique store. The most precious angel was made and hand painted by our first granddaughter. 

This is my view from the sofa today. After church we opted to come home and stay put. I am following the EMCC Lions on Twitter as they play for the National Junior College Championship. 
We are winning, so far. 

I am feeling better. 

Go Lions!


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving in pictures.

 We played "name that baby" and "name that artist". We played pantyhose bowling. 
During the coarse of the weekend I attended a funeral and a baptism. 
My belly was full.
My heart was full. 
Life was  full. 
And rich. 


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

One quiet moment.

It has been a hectic two weeks. Hell. It has been a hectic year!
For this one quiet moment I am giving thanks. 

I think I have sat shiva for my friend, Tony, for the better part of the year. Like my Dad, I mourned him while he was suffering. Then in what seems like the span of a breath, he no longer resides on this earth. Lupe, his wife, is grieving quietly. She wants no fuss. Like Macho, she tends to be introverted. They have a sweet relationship. They understand one another.
We move forward from our grief. One foot in front of the other.
Time will march. We will follow. 
There has recently been a Facebook challenge to post black and white photos. No people. No explanation.
These didn't make the cut...

Man. I really got into the black and white. I loved it. Especially the no explanation part. 

And then I got the best one...this black and white from Out-of-Town DIL...

She chucked the deuces up. 
This is gonna be one cool cheeka. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



Monday, November 13, 2017


On Friday our dear friend, Tony, died. He was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease last year and his pancreatic cancer diagnosis came in April of this year. It has been a slow, painful decline. And now? Heaven has become just a little spicier.

Tony was all American with a Mexican heritage. He was a solid citizen and a good Catholic man. He, and his wife, Lupe, were some of the first people to make Macho feel welcome at church. Tony was a man's man. 130 pounds of Mexican charisma. He was the man with the candy in his pockets for the children and without being offensive at all - he was always sweetly complimentary to the ladies. He and Lupe were steadfast and always were the worker bees when church things needed doing.

We will miss him. Tremendously.

October got past...I failed to post "Ink-tober" instagram photos. November is slipping by without my usual "gratitude" posts. And. I am more relaxed for it. Too many other things to think about and do. Yet. I am so grateful for this life. Even in the death of a friend I find the thanksgiving. I am so thankful to have known Tony. And to have been his friend. He added color to the world. To my world. To Macho's world. We loved him. And. He loved us back. That is enough to be thankful for.

We are gearing up for holiday mayhem. I will hold off our Thanksgiving meal until Friday, when our children and grandchildren will arrive. The feast will begin mid-day. And last until everyone is sated. Games will be played. Memories made.

Family Christmas gatherings are in the works. It is getting harder to gather with all the different work schedules. For extended family. And immediate family. Even though it is getting harder I still look forward to all the little miracles that lead us to celebrate the birth of God's love for us. The light in the windows. The lights on the trees. Candy canes and gifts under the tree. Angels everywhere. The good cheer that goes round. The softening of hearts. The outpouring of charity. Love.

Spread some kindness today.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A "Dumb and Dumber" kind of day.

Yes. It is prep day. You know what I'm talking about. First bottle. Done. Now comes the wait. You know what is to follow. You appreciate no photos today.

Life's necessary procedures.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Hello November.

We said goodbye to October among friends. All in costume, we dined at a local restaurant and then braved the haunted house brought to us by our city police. A fund raiser for their benevolence fund, we stood in line way too long for only a few thrills. Not scary, but we got startled several times that made it fun
Costumes in our comfort zone, we dressed as referees. Complete with whistles and yellow flags. 

Thursday I ran from event, to event, to event. Bible study was followed by a senior lunch at the YMCA. From there I ran to a garden club meeting. 
Once that day was over I relaxed. 

Macho and I drove to the Coast on Friday to attend Beach Boy's football game and visit with his family. The bonus was that I also got to visit with Mom each day I was there. 

Macho and Peyton at Friday's football game. Unfortunately our team did not win. End of the season.

Sunday Millie got ready or church. Her mom fixed her hair in a bun. It was very chic.

I think she was even more excited about the tights she was wearing. 

On our way home we got to visit with Out-of-Town Son and his family. We need to visit more because I fear Cecilia is shy around us. The good news is that I can now tell everybody that a baby girl will be added to this family next year. She is due April 1. No fooling.

November has brought a change in time. Several changes in weather. And changes in scenery. I absolutely love driving through my state in the fall. The weekend trip to the coast and back was adorned with every shade of fall color you can imagine. A feast for the eyes. On arriving back home we found our driveway carpeted with maple leaves. Maybe tomorrow I can gather them for composting. After I shop for some groceries. Dressing will be constructed this very week. I hope. Feasts are being planned. Gatherings are in the works. 
Today I heard that my grandchildren are starting to tell "Nanny" stories. And. That makes me laugh. My stories are cautionary tales. 

Go outside. Enjoy the colors.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fall arrives indoors.

With cooler temps come warmer projects. Crocheting juices are reawakened and my projects are spread throughout the house. Yarn bombs have exploded here. 

The changing of the wardrobe. Shorts are packed away. Sweaters are gently tucked into drawers. 
(We still haven't turned off the AC. Yet.)

French bread is baking as I type. It was an easy recipe. 
I guess I should clean the oven door?

I have put on my sweater and taken it off about 2 dozen times today. Room thermostats and my thermostat are not reliable in early fall. 

Soups and bread are tempting my palette. I will let you know if the bread tastes good.

Sister Lynn is in my heart this day. Reconstruction is happening right now. 
God be with her. 
When great minds think alike....

...and you show up for your hair appointment and your stylist has animal leggings on, too.
It was a fun moment.

Be sweet.
Shalom, y'all.