Thursday, November 15, 2018

In absentia.

I've been busy. Out of the participation mindset. You know, I used to draw something every day in October to celebrate "Inktober" for Instagram. Not this year. And. I used to post gratitude posts every day in November. Not this year. Argh. Where are my thoughts? Where is my talent?

I have been consumed with the little things of life. Like getting used to Macho being around. All. The. Time.

Don't get me wrong. It's all good. But. It is different. We sleep later. I try to think of activities that will keep us both engaged. And that hasn't come real easy.

Yet. I am so enjoying his company. The doing things together. We just need to get out the house more.

Our last few weeks in pics...

Sunny afternoon hike,

down by the river. 

"We" help construct the Master Gardener high tunnel. By "we" I mean I stood and watch while Macho actually helped. I did help a little. 

Our lettuces and greens are doing nicely. We've had to protect them from frost this week.

I don't remember why we were sitting in the dark. 

Today. My friend's hat caught my eye. 
When I complimented it for a second time she plopped it on my head and said I could borrow it for a few weeks. I have already gotten compliments.
I am working the chapeau!


Monday, October 22, 2018

Week one.

So after the company lunch on Thursday and Macho's last day of work on Friday we awaited the arrival of our children/grandchildren. We straightened the house and blew up the mattresses...

Wall to wall mattresses. 
By noon Saturday all our children were here, minus our son-in-law. He had to work and missed the party. 

One DIL made this special cake for the party. 
We were joined by more family Saturday evening and enjoyed a retirement feast, complete with brisket, ham, potato salad, slaw, and beans. 
Cake and ice cream for dessert as it was Macho's birthday. 

I so enjoyed everyone being here and was sad to see the weekend come to a close. 
Sunday afternoon I busied myself washing sheets and towels. That felt like it went on for days.
Well. It actually did. 
We are finding a new normal since that weekend. We did not get out of bed before 7:00 any morning. That was great in and of itself. 

Three musketeers. Macho has reconnected with his workout buds. 
They are YMCA morning peeps now. 

On Tuesday the nicest gift arrived from Sister Amanda and Brother Kevin. 
The nicest engraved beer glasses. So we promptly made use of them!
We kept ourselves busy doing one thing and another all week. 
Macho was able to do yard work during the week and that freed up our weekend!

So Saturday we ran up to Tupelo. We enjoyed the Automobile Museum, met friends for lunch, shopped for boots, and made a Sam's run. 

Sunday was way to pretty to waste. We drove out to Plymouth Bluff on the west side of the river and hiked a trail that gave us good exercise and excellent views. 

Part of the old Tombigbee River. 

Today I woke to the alarm I set, but still didn't get out of bed before 7:00. 
I had a project at the assisted living home. It got cancelled because it was too chilly for the residents to work outside this morning. 
I'll reschedule at a later date when the temps are a little more moderate. 
There was frost on the rooftops this morning.
I know! 
Can you believe it?
We still have not turned off our AC, though it hasn't run in two days. I'm just not ready to put the heat on. It was only 68 degrees in our house this morning. That isn't bad. I'm holding out until, at least, November 1. 

After exercise we came home and dived into closet cleaning...

Our room blew up with piles of clothes. There was a "keep" pile, a "donate" pile, and a "throw away" pile. The closet looks better. We feel like we really accomplished something, too. 
I think I wore Macho fanny out a little. 
We even gave a stack of clothes to a neighbor whose brother is staying with them at the moment. He needed some winter clothes. It was fortuitous that we saw each other outside as I was throwing away some old flannel pjs and wire coat hangers.

Many more things on our plate this week. Tomorrow I will work with the Master Gardeners and Macho has a dental appointment.

Living the retirement adventure!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Soft landing.

We began the countdown at 5 weeks. The excitement and momentum built.
Now it is finally here. 
Retirement day. 

Yesterday the company honored Macho with a good lunch. He was presented a plaque in recognition of his 42 years. 1976-2018. 
A few words were said by his bosses, fellow employees, and some other retirees. 
Macho even said a few words. 
It felt big and emotional. 

And here we are. 
He did go in for an hour or two this morning to turn in keys, credit cards, and old uniforms.
And that is that.
He has already fixed  the back sink this afternoon.
And. Watered the garden. 
We are just being quiet. 
Children and grandchildren will begin to arrive late this evening. There will be plenty of hoopla and noise later. 
It is peaceful right now. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Turnip blood.

Macho worked late yesterday. And today. He is letting them squeeze it out of him to the last. Tomorrow will be his last full day of work.

I have made groceries today. Getting ready for the weekend. Liquor store - check.

He is rounding third base.


Monday, October 8, 2018

Last Monday.

It is extraordinary how ordinary this day has begun. Shouldn't there have been something superlative about the last first day of the week of a 42 year employment? Alas. That is not his way. The key he always plays in is low. Understated. Just another day. Just as it will be next week when we awake to the first day of the first week of retirement.

It is only a part of his charm. He is so solid. He puts the 'stead' in steadfast. You have to look really hard to see his ups. And his downs. But. They are there. Right underneath. Where he likes them to be.

I itch to celebrate. It has taken me 41 years to just begin to learn how not to. Yet.
He nails me to the floor. (That is a Jimmy Buffet reference.)


Saturday, October 6, 2018

It's the final count down.

For real. Less than a week until retirement. Macho has worked for his company for over 42 years. It isn't a desk job. He isn't the boss. The winters are cold. The summers are hot. He is wet when it rains. He gets muddy. He deals with sunburn, mosquitoes, ticks, snakes, and the possibility of alligators every now and then. He has lost vacation days for, at least, 8 years. I wish I had $100 for every person I have explained this to in the last 6 months. ("Why is he retiring so young?")

Macho's last day of work is next Friday. He thought he might get to slide into retirement, but no. He has worked overtime for 3 weeks now. They are squeezing blood out of this turnip. That is who he is. A class act employee. No one can accuse him of being a slacker. He is conscientious beyond measure. His first month of work back in 1976 he over slept and was late for work one day. His boss asked him why and Macho told him he just over slept. The boss appreciated his honesty. After work that day he went out and purchased a new alarm clock and has never been late to work since.

In the '80s he had one accident at work and burned his hand pretty bad. He was treated at the hospital and was back at work the next day. Lost time accidents were frowned upon by The Company. The hair still doesn't grow on the back of that hand.

Sick days have been rare.

I hope the powers that be know what they are losing. This man is rare. He knows his territory and is impressive with detail recall over 100s of miles of pipeline.

 When he started with this company he had some mentors that were retired early in the '80s. I wish they were still alive for this moment. Macho appreciated those men and learned from them. There were some characters among them. We like to think about them and talk about them. They were the good guys.

More to write as the next week progresses.

Shalom for now.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall softly.

Fall arrives just before 9:00 tonight. Isn't is odd how specific it can be targeted? The beginning of a season? The morning had a nice breeze that gave way to some scorching rays of sun. We were outside much of the day. We planted fall vegetable seeds. Hopefully we will be enjoying lots of green leafy things to eat in the near future. We were even talked into a variety of lettuce called 'mache'. We were told that it is the rage in Paris. La. Te. Da.

There has been sadness in our family this week. Not sure how the story will end. It has reminded me/us how much we need each other. It has weighted our hearts. I can't even write the details yet. It is so sad. I have found myself praying every moment I think of it. That is all I can do. It is enough that I do that. And send messages of love.

Yesterday I drove over to eat lunch with the Super Carrot. It was Grandparents' Day at her school. AND. It was her 7th birthday. That was fun. She told me she had a big present at home and she chose Waffle House for her birthday dinner. She is so super special.

Monthly dance tonight for our dance club. Actually dinner and a dance. We are resting up right now.
Hope your weekend is zippy.