Friday, July 20, 2018

Sum, sum, summer time.

We are in between weddings this week. Last weekend was lovely. Everything went smoothly. The bride and groom radiated happiness and it was reflected on to all the guests. 

The reception was total fun. Dancing for hours.
My body is almost recovered. 
I don't know why I was not on the dance floor at this moment.
Cause I stayed there most of the night. 


My Mexican sunflowers are finally blooming! These are my puppies, I raised them from seed. 
Yesterday I finally spied a butterfly enjoying my flowers.

Sisters, Paulette and Stephanie, and Uncle Harry came over to spend the day. (S & H are staying with Paulette in between weddings.) We enjoyed a large taco salad for lunch and visited most of the day. The three girls enjoyed a quick card game of hearts. I was the biggest loser. It was fun.
We had heavy rain in the morning but sunshine in the afternoon. The temps were not quite as brutal yesterday, but today promises to be dangerously hot. I am thankful that Macho will be in the office most of the day. 

The beat goes on. I've had garden club planning to keep me busy. Retirement planning is at the forefront of our thoughts right now. We are learning the ropes. Social security and Medicare were checked off Macho's list this week. So much more to do. 

We are invited over to a friend's house tonight for a blessing party. They are relatively new to our community. It will be fun. 
Tomorrow we travel to the next wedding. 
Always the adventure.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Unrequited intentions.

I really meant to post when I said goodbye to June. Now it is July 6 and I only have a few moments to jot my thoughts. July will prove to be almost as brake-free as June. It will go by in a fast skid.

Tuscaloosa grands came and went. We had a few fun activities, but as we all know, tweens and teens are not impressed easily. Activities included fishing, repeated science experiments, movie, 4-H "Fun" Day, small sewing lesson, skating, card playing, and cooking. The parents had not-so-fun adventures getting home, but finally late Friday they pulled up in the driveway. Parents were glad to see children, children were glad to see parents, all were happy to be in their own spaces at home at last.

Fishing with Granddaddy. 

Jurassic World. Super Carrot did not accompany us to the movies. 

Lauren requested the skating trip and she can skate well. 

Super Carrott? Reluctant skater. 


Macho and I made a quick trip to celebrate Cecilia's #3 birthday on Saturday. We hurried home to insure our stumps got ground up properly in the front yard. We worked and sweat for a while getting roots raked up. This project will stretch on for a while. A good lawn does not grow overnight.

Monday I left for the coast and to visit my ailing Mom. I found her very tired and somewhat frail on Monday. Tuesday she slept late and was better, but that should be qualified...she will never gain the ground back that she has lost. She was delighted to have me spend the 4th of July with her. We did not do anything exceptional, just visited and breathed. And her breathing does not come easily these days. She still does all that she was doing pre-hospital stay, only she does it a lot slower. A lot. Two months and a few days and she will be 98. I think she will make it. I can't promise 99, but I believe she will see her birthday this year.

New glasses. New hair do. 

Thursday, after a trip to the barber, I packed and drove to Beach Boy's house. We joined my two coast sisters for a nice evening meal and then drove home and did this...

The first paper lantern flew south then west with very little breeze.

The second lantern was more jiggy since a feisty little wind swirled up. It took off low and slow then flew south until it melded with the clouds and we could no longer see it. 

I am home. I am unpacked. Next week will bring information on the new chapter we are about to begin. Macho emailed his bosses this week informing them of his plan to retire on his birthday in October. Here we go! This will be a great adventure.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mid June update.

Lawdy life is so busy. The three grand little girls have come and gone. The first annual Camp Nanny was fairly successful. It was fun and exhausting. It reminded me why God gives babies to young moms and dads. You have to be so very present in mind and body with little ones. You have to remember to feed them meals and snacks and make them rest. There is chatter most all the time. Questions and statements that you don't anticipate. You have to make them go to the bathroom before you get in the car. And on and on.
I hope that these cousins have started some fun memories that we can build on every time we gather.
Here a are few pic that I don't think made the Instagram cut...

Rainy day in-door bowling. 

Granddaddy's helpers. 

I could not handle three littles in a pool, so we opted for playing under the hose until their lips turned blue. Then inside for a warm bath. 

Before the melt down. All three did enjoy feeding the goats. 

Every night we knelt down and said our prayers. Each night I read a few chapters of one of my favorite children's stories, "Sarah Plain and Tall". 

During the week Millie asked me if I was her "grandma". I said yes I am. She asked if she could call me 'grandma'. I said of course. And so every now and then she would say something like, "Okay grandma." (All the grands have called me Nanny up to this point.")
I miss their hugs and sweetness. 

Note to parents: remind the girls of the lemonade stand and the "bee incident". It is laughable. Now. 

Mom has remained weak.  She had a quick visit to her doctor this week with some breathing issue and swelling ankles. The new meds have been tweaked. New glasses were ordered this week. Her's have been broken for a few weeks. 
Sister Amanda will leave in the wee hours on Friday. Thank heavens she was able to go to Mom at a moments notice. 
Extended care giver hours and adding Sunday to the schedule will make me feel better about Mom being at home. I plan to drive down for a visit in a week and a half.
In the meantime. I will meet SIL at the halfway point tomorrow to pick up the Tuscaloosa grands. 
The transfer will take place in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, as usual. 
They will stay with us from Friday to Friday. I am making a second grocery store run this afternoon to plump up my repertoire. I know we will have to go back next week. Its all good.


Macho and I are entranced in the "Outlander" series. That is our summer indulgence. 

Today is the summer solstice. Longest day of the year. 
It is raining slightly. The trees in our front yard have been felled. A random person that saw my Facebook post is here loading his trailer with some of the logs. I am ready to head to town, but he is blocking my driveway. He has to leave at some point. 
Still lots of clean up to do. 
Its a different landscape. 

20 laps in the pool this morning has me all mellow. 
Maybe I'll pick up some sushi for supper. 


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Heart beat.

When we are born there are only a certain number of beats in our heart. At 97 1/2 Mom's heart may be sprinting toward the finish line. Tuesday she was hospitalized with afib. Thursday and the beat is still not regulated. I have also learned she has a hole in her heart, possibly since birth, though no one can recall ever hearing about this. The hole has gotten bigger.

This circumstance is a game changer. Meds are being administered that are cause for concern. A bump can cause severe bleeding. I don't know what the future will look like, but it will definitely vere off the corse it was on. It brings on a difficult decision time. Constant care givers is exactly what I have feared for her.

Too many opinions. We debate. We disagree. Love will win.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial weekend.

Lauren's last day of middle school was Thursday. Friday I drove over and picked her up.
She had two requests before she came over.
1. Please have spinach dip.
2. Can we go to Starkville. And look for a jersey?

Friday afternoon we made a quick trip to the Books a Million and Old Navy. Then home to make some yummy meatballs for supper. We put them on sub rolls with pizza sauce. 
We watched the movie "Pitch Perfect 3". Then Lauren introduced us to The Office and Parks and Rec. 
She knows all the characters on those shows.

I had volunteer duty at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning and left her and Macho sleeping.
After I got home and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal and cup of coffee we were off to Starkville.
We hit the campus bookstore and found the t-shirt that looked like a jersey. Jerseys are sooooo expensive. I had put a price limit on the shirt. Her birthday is coming up and this would be our present to her. 

Doesn't she look cute in the tank we had purchased at Old Navy on Friday?! 
Macho is sporting his new MSU hat that he bought at the bookstore. 

Showing off the jersey. Um. She is going to be 15 in a couple of weeks. So. 
The jersey is very apropos. Or, spot on. 

Dog statues are all over the campus. 
There have been many Bully mascots over the years. 

We dined at the Bulldog Burger place. Lauren and Macho had the burger. I had the Kale State salad. It was delish. 
A quick trip to the Academy store and we headed home.

Lauren and I concocted some graham cracker toffee for her to take home with her on Sunday. 
We dined on leftovers and watched the movie "Bridge to Terabithia". 

After mass on Sunday we came home and tag-teamed a quiche. We ate that and a salad for an early lunch. Then we drove her home.

It happened to be Tucker's birthday. We wished him a Happy Birthday in delivered his gift in person. We told his birth story, as is our custom. 
Man, he was a gray baby when he was born. Daughter knew right away that something was not right. He wasn't making any noise. 
Within 30 seconds of his arrival it went from 2 nurses and a doctor, to about a dozen people in the room. I am sure there was an alarm button pressed somehow, somewhere that we never heard. They were all so calm and professional. 
The nurses put a resuscitating mask on him and hand pumped it and rubbed him hard. It took multiple tries with the mask to get him to breath.
When his little chest fluttered and he took his first breath I saw his color change from grey to pink in seconds.  
  Then I got shaky and thought, 'what just happened?' 

It was a small miracle. 
Thank you, Lord.
It was indeed a happy birth day.


Monday, May 21, 2018

Your name Yvonne?

The back o' your head is ridiculous!

(Disclaimer: certain family members will get this post. For the rest of you, go to YouTube and google "Can I have your number?" Watch it. The first time is funny. Then. It gets funnier. Every. Time. I. See. It.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dad's birthday.

My Dad's 98th birthday is today. He died January 1, 2013.
He was a good sweet Dad. 
I celebrate him today. 
The photo below was taken in 2012. He was in ill health the entire year.
On this particular day one of my sisters had taken Mom to the doctor, thinking she may be having a heart attack. 
My Dad was so worried. He was afraid she would have a stay in the hospital. He was lost without her.
I was talking to him on FaceTime when Mom got home.
Two hundred and fifty miles away I could feel his relief when she walked in the room. 
They kissed and he just held her hand. 
She was his everything.
And he hers. 

I love you Dad.