Monday, June 19, 2017


Summer isn't officially here for another few days. Yet. The steam is here. The temps were hot, hot, hot yesterday. Today there is cloud cover and its is warm. But oh the humidity! 

Our project step forward, two steps back. Thought the cabinets were going to be installed later in the week...but no, next Monday. I hope. 
Patience. Its a virtue. And. Right now, mine is getting thiner by the day.
Delay = domino affect. The next step waits on the previous step...and so it goes. 
Maybe the middle of July? 


I walked around the back yard on Wednesday to water my flora and fauna...was testing a new mosquito deterring device. Fail. I came in with 3 bites on my legs, one on the palm of my hand, and one on my elbow. I had quite the reaction to the one on my elbow. It blew up quickly and  was awful looking. It went down that afternoon. 

Friday we drove to the Coast for a ballet recital. We got to visit with Mom and we enjoyed hours of dance. Our Sweet Pea is a primo dancer. She smiled and enjoyed herself. She did all the right moves. Her costumes were cute and colorful. We were so happy we got to go and watch her.

Mr. Macho, Beach Boy, and his father-in-law drove to New Orleans on Saturday and visited the WWII Museum. It was enjoyed by all, as well as the lunch they ate at the Ugly Dog Saloon. 
Mimi and I shopped in the Bay and lunched there. It was a good day.
Sunday after church we got another visit with Mom and then with brother Pete and his wife. They gifted us a couple of fish fillets. 
Then we headed north. 
Stopped in Hattiesburg to grab a bite at the Plalid Rhino, and was sorely disappointed for the firs time in that restaurant. It must be under different management. It was frustrating. We won't go back. 

Painters have come and gone this morning and will be back tomorrow. That may be all the work that gets done this week. 


I was so excited to find this little puppy growing in my garden this morning! Up until now the blossoms have just fallen off. But I have a real eggplant growing now. I'm pretty proud.

I must run do something productive. First I have to find it. Then I have to do it.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sweet memory.

When you were a baby I remember one afternoon sitting on the floor and just watching you sleep. I can still see your sweet little face. You were so juicy and sweet. Such a big baby. Happy birthday Beach Boy. Love, Mom

Friday, June 9, 2017

A quiet little Friday.

We watched two of the bunnies nibble in our yard while we were at the breakfast table this morning. We may end up with a plague of bunnies...but for now they are fun to watch in the yard.

I was happy that the pickers found the two pair of shoes I left for them atop the garbage can this morning. There was a lot more wear in those two pairs.

After exercise I decided to steam mop my wood floors this morning. I had lots of the water left in my machine and so decided to mop the old kitchen floor one more time. I was just using up the water, I said. I justified it that there might be less sheetrock dust transmitted through the house if I just gave the kitchen floor a once over. And so. It was just the little bit sad to mop it. One. Last. Time. Today is the anniversary of the day we moved in. 34 years ago. I was pregnant with our third child. He would be born two weeks later. So. I thanked my old floor for all those good years of service. Like preparing a body for burial. It is washed.

No more kitchen progress after Tuesday of this week. Next week will bring trim and a new carport door. Then we will wait on the cabinets. Please Lord, let them be finished soon. I want my kitchen back.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A little birthday present.

Do you know what I remember? In the wee hours of the morning I remember seeing your round little face.  I immediately recognized you. When I awoke later that Wednesday morning I was scared that I wouldn't remember, afraid they would bring me the wrong baby. But when the nurse brought you in to me I did know you. Your face. I knew it. I dreamed it. I grew it. Deep inside of me I knew you. And. I loved you. Even before you were born.
And forever.

Shalom, Daughter.

Monday, June 5, 2017

All wet.

My second day of lap swim for the summer. I started last Thursday and hoped to swim 10. Would shoot for 12. Actually swam 15. 
Today? 21 laps. My breathing and timing are not bad. It takes a few weeks to really get the rhythm right. 
When I got in the shower after swimming I could hardly wash my hair. I would scrub then drop my arms. Then scrub and drop my arms. Right now they feel long. And tired just typing.

I did some volunteer duty at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning while Mr. Macho worked in our yard and repaired an old Bible stand for me. One of our neighbor's sons got married in the evening. We attended. It was a lovely simple affair. A garland of greenery decorated a double door frame on the alter. Lanterns and greenery adorned the tables in the reception hall. A seated meal was served instead of the usual heavy hors d'oeuvres. We were able to eat, greet our hosts, and come home long before the bride and groom departed. Just right.

We spent Sunday afternoon swimming with Daughter's family in the University pool. It has a lazy river. My first time in a lazy river. It was fun. 

Progress has happened in a small amount this morning. Sheet rockers have worked in the kitchen. They will be back at 7:30 in the morning to work their magic. After the I am hoping new doors and trim will appear. 

The weather just can't decide today. We started with rain. It rained gently whilst I swam. The sun peeked out. Then it got dark and distant thunder rumbled. Heavy rain. And now? The sun is starting to shine. Everything is wet. I do so hope it isn't too much for my tomatoes and eggplant. 

Laundry awaits me. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Short week.

Our Memorial Day was bueno. The weekend began...

A relaxing beverage before our dinner Friday night started the entire weekend off on the right foot. 

Saturday morning Mr. Macho traveled to Out-of-Town Son's house to help load the heavy furniture for the move. OOT Son and his wife are closing the sale of their house today, actually. They have moved into a temporary house. They have a contract on a new house with hopes to move in by July.

I had plans Saturday to work in the butterfly garden. My co-worker called early begging off the project as she didn't feel well. So. I just drove myownself down to the Farmer's Market whereI found these beautiful veggies, along with some baked products, and homemade pimento cheese. 

The purple string beans turn green the moment they get hot in the pot. (I confess I added a little bacon fat to the pot.) I didn't do a very good job getting the string out of the beans, but they tasted oh-so good!

Sunday morning was busy. We visited with one parishioner after Mass and missed another. A trip to the store for a few items, a good meal, and a little bit of rest ensued. Then I got the cabin fever and so we went bowling! Our lanes messed up, but neither of us are very good at bowling so it wasn't a big deal. Mr. Macho still has that competitive spirit and wants to be best. Me? I'm just happy to be there. I did get some strikes. And some spares. And my second game was better than the first. Mr. Macho won both games. It was so fun. The men in the lanes next to use obviously bowled frequently. They could really hurl those heavy spheres! We were duly impressed. 

The anticipated rain did not materialize Sunday nor Monday. Memorial Day dawned and we slept in a little, went on a walk, then headed to town in search of a grill. We found just the item we wanted. Paid for it and promised to pick it up later. We visited two furniture stores and in the second one I found my new table. As in most everything with this remodel, it was more costly than I had expected. We decided to go for it. So I ordered it! 

We picked up the grill after a quick burger and headed home. Mr. Macho was sorely disappointed when he figured out the conversion kit was not included in the purchase of the grill. Our salesman had simply been wrong. So. We had to go online and order the conversion kit. 

He spent the remainder of the day taking his frustration out on the bushes in our yard. I must say they look vey manicured now. 

Memorial Day. Legend declares it started right here in our home town. Several ladies from town wanted to decorate the graves of the Confederate soldiers in the local cemetery. However, when they began the task their hearts compelled them to not only decorate Confederate graves, but the Union soldiers' graves, also. Articles were written about it. A poem was written about it. And now the last Monday in May we celebrate the former Decoration Day as Memorial Day. We remember and honor those who have died in the service our our nation. Many wars have come and gone since our Civil War. Today we enjoy the freedoms this country continues to provide that have been bought by those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  We are ever thankful.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Pomp. And circumstance.

Cue the band...

Lauren (almost 14) received an honor at her middle school's award day!

Class of 2022.

 Tucker (11 tomorrow!) received honors at his elementary school's awards day.
Next year = middle school. 
Class of 2025. 

Peyton (6)  received several kindergarten awards. One was for the best memory!
And. She lost her first tooth on her last day of kindergarten. 
Get ready for this girl first grade!
Class of 2029.

Merritt (5) has finished preschool. She will rule kindergarten. 
She will be the boss. She will be the president. 
She will be the queen!
Just watch.
Class of 2030. 

Cecelia (almost 2) successfully completed her first year of preschool. 
My how she is growing! She is more fun.  Every. Single. Day.

Class of 2032. (I think) 

The end of school is so very bitter sweet. I used to get so attached to the preschool teachers, especially. Somewhere inside me wanted the children to grow up, but the bigger part wanted them to remain preschoolers. 
With every age comes positives and not-so-positives. I do have to say that the end of school never was as hard as sending them back to school in August. I despised end of summer and letting them out of my reach. I was always sad they were another grade older. Even when we dropped them each off at college. I was pretty sad. It was hard. 
Yet. Such is life. Children must grow up. It is the natural order. 

Then the circle of life starts again...and grandchildren! 

Here's some of what blooming in my backyard...
Eggplant blossom.

Pumpkin blossom. 

Blue salvia. 

Burgundy chrysanthemums.

Lavender hydrangeas. 

Pink zinnias. 

Pink snap dragons.

And did I tell you that we have little bunnies in our yard? My pet-wild rabbit, Dorothy, is a mom. We saw two little ones yesterday. I have put out lettuce leafs this morning hoping they will eat them. 

I have re-upped my hummingbird feeders today. They are a thirsty little bunch this year. I have already seen a fight or three at the drinking fountain. 

Drama. Always the drama.