Saturday, October 7, 2017

Wrap up the week and a storm called Nate.

Grandparents's Day at the Super Carrot's elementary school started my week on the good foot.
She wore her kitten ears to school. We met in the hall and I ate in the cafeteria with her.
Afterwards she showed me her classroom and I walked with her to computer lab. Then it was over and I went and sat with Daughter while she grabbed a quick lunch. I followed her back to her new office building and went inside to see where she works now. It is an old hospital building on campus. Still feels like a hospital. 

The weather has been dry as of late. While watering this week I noticed that the east end of the raised bed is doing way better than the west end. Difference is the east end got the compost. West end got the bagged "soil" from Lowe's. Hmmm. 
Wednesday night oldest sister and her husband stopped at Sister Paulette's house for the night on their way home from visiting children, grandchildren, and their first great-grandchild in Kentucky. We had them out for supper. It was simple fare. Hobo stew, salad, bread. I even scorched the stew. Yet, it still tasted good. 

Thursday night, after a day of Bible study and an outside garden club meeting that I help host, I enjoyed a huge apple hand picked in Kentucky by sister an BIL. I complimented it with cheese, a stale bagette, and a cabernet sauvignon. Good supper. Macho ate leftover stew.
Friday I attended the funeral of a fellow parishioner. She was too young to die, but had struggled with mental and physical health issue all her adult life. She was a very faith filled person that loved God and believed in the power of prayer with all her heart. 

I don't know how to convey the next part of my day. I got a text message informing me that one of my garden club friends had died Thursday night. The deceased had just emailed me Thursday morning. I couldn't get my mind around it. Surely the message was erroneous. She only had a torn hamstring, she said. She couldn't help host garden club - the doctor said stay off the leg. And now someone was telling me she died. I got home and checked Facebook only to see condolences already being written. I called other garden club friends to confirm. Then I saw the obituary in the local afternoon paper. I was in shock. I was sad. Still am. Still want to not believe it. 
I was just getting to knower well. She had just retired earlier this year. She celebrated her 60th birthday last month. She was younger then me. 

Oh God, give me the strength to find the thanksgiving in all things. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Goodbye September.

We will dance our way out of September tomorrow night. Our ballroom dance club is holding its monthly dance, and we are finally going to make it. I had hoped we would be more regular this year, but that hasn't happened. There's always next year. 

About a week ago Beach Boy texted me and asked it I could make a poodle skirt for Millie. 
Of course! And here it is....

She will wear it for her preschool's celebration of Cruising' the Coast. 
Can't wait to see her in it! She is quite the entertainer these days. She was THE loudest voice in her preschool performance earlier this week. 

Monday evening, before dance class, we attended the 90th birthday party for our friend, Gill. He is responsible for the Big Band Theory dance we attend each February. He is the band leader. Two years ago his doctors put him on hospice, and after a few weeks he fired them. Told them he had much living to do. And. He has done just that. He had a bad fall a few weeks ago and is getting around in a wheel chair now. What a celebration it was! On the porch of one of our local antebellum homes. Lovely setting, good friends, flowing champagne, what more do you want?!

This fall critter was seen scurrying across my front porch this week.
It was fuzzy and spiney. I didn't want to touch it. 
(Nice pattern on the concrete - I just noticed!)

Last night Macho and I attended out downtown art walk. Businesses stay open later. Most serve refreshments. Local artists pair with a business and exhibit their work. Local musicians play on the sidewalks. It is an excellent idea. I went in search of local, cheap art for my house.

Here is my sole purchase. Not sure I'm going to keep the frame on it. Won't hang it right away. Going to wait until I have some other pieces for a nice arrangement of art. 

I am finding my feng shui, again. It got lost around the beginning of 2013. I'm finding the color again. And, did I tell you - I'm working on another shawl. Crocheting. I have a friend in mind that I am making it for. Almost finished. Then on to the next project.

Garden club, master gardeners, church activities...lots on my plate.
Tomorrow morning I will start the day with a charity walk. 
Millie and her sister are coming for a visit on Sunday. She'll get to try on the poodle skirt for me.
Monday I get to go have lunch with Merritt at her elementary school.
Adventures abound.

Friday, September 22, 2017


Merritt selected Chick-fil-A for her birthday dinner. We surprised her by showing up after her family was seated and eating! She looked truly surprised when we walked in. 

The first thing she noticed was that the recycled birthday bag her gift was in had a hole in it! The girl is good with details. I hadn't noticed. She loved the balloons and was happy with her gift. 

Proud parents of the newly minted 6 year old. 

Six years old.
The Super Carrot. 
Minus two front bottom teeth.
Love that girl.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tempus fugit

Mom is 97. It's true. Last week I drove down to help celebrate her birthday. 
She had a really good day. One of her sisters attended the party - in her wheelchair! 
Mom had requested fried that is what she got! Several of her offspring where able to be with her to celebrate. Sweet sister-in-law made her favorite chocolate cake and it was served with ice cream. 
Aunt Jeanne will be 88 tomorrow. There are two more sisters and a brother that are still very alive! Mom is the oldest.

She had enough breath to blow out the candles. 

Sister Mimi, Mom, and me. It was a good day. 

The weekend went all too quickly. I did get to attend Beach Boy's football game on Friday night. Our Bearcats lost their first game. I think I was the jinx. They were pretty evenly matched. Lots of penalties. Room for improvement. But man have they come a long way! Good job coaches.

Saturday Sweet Peyton and little Millie came over and played with cousin, West. We tried out a little festival then went for pizza and wings! I didn't see near enough of Beach Boy and his family. 
I feel so stretched when I visit the coast...I just need to go more often. 

Back to the grind today. Hair appointment. Annual checkup. Lunch with friends. 
Gotta go figure what's for supper.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


I can't really account for where I've been.  Just here. Staying mostly busy. Waiting out August. Watching storms on the teevee. Trying not to spend money. Enjoying a visit from Lauren. Typing and correcting the garden club yearbook. Meeting with the garden club officers. Getting ready to start up a new season of senior church activity. Taking a day trip to a plant nursery.

Tomorrow we will travel to a funeral. The mother of my sister-in-law. It was sudden. Not quite expected. She was wonderful. She is missed.

Macho is taking the day off. It will be a nice, long weekend.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Adventures on a Wednesday. And other stuff.

On Sunday we celebrated 40 years of marriage. 
So much of our coffers have been thrown into our kitchen this summer, we just haven't felt like spending any more. So we opted to have a nice dinner Saturday evening, here in town, to celebrate. 
This is my favorite local "go to" place for a fancy celebratory meal. 
Macho ate the chicken and waffles. I enjoyed a shrimp and bacon dish.
On Sunday we grabbed a quick sandwich in town and went to the movies. We watched "Dunkirk". It was pretty okay. 

It was a really happy day, our anniversary. At mass our priest called us up and gave the nicest blessings for our marriage. We had expected that. But when he was finished he looked at us with a twinkly and said, "and now you may kiss your bride!" Well. Macho turned 14 shades of red and purple. The congregation laughed and clapped. And. We kissed. 

After mass we visited our friend, Tony. Some of you know his story.
Alzheimers. And. Pancreatic cancer. 
We love Tony.

On Wednesday I attended my Master Gardner meeting where one of those present asked if anyone had ever tasted a pawpaw. I hadn't and so I did. And i liked it. 
She had picked them up at the butterfly garden, as there are two pawpaw trees there. On my way home I swung by the butterfly garden...

...and picked up these. The taste is hard to describe. Somewhere between a peach, mango, and persimmon. The texture gets really pudding like when it is very ripe. The seeds are large. 
It just goes to show - there's always something!

And on that note I must go get a load of clothes going.
A quick invite to my friends to come over for lunch next week has fallen through, as most all of them will be out of town.
Even Macho will be out of town next week. 

But. I will seek adventure. It may be in my own back yard, but it's out there!