Monday, April 23, 2018

I shouldn't be sitting here.

It's true. It's Monday. I have at least 10 things I need to be doing right now. And here I sit. But this week is different. I am on a different wave length. Not as many events on my calendar this week. The pace is more steady. And so I treat myself to a few minutes of reflection...

Friday Out-of-Town Son had a scary work event. All's well that ends well. No one was hurt. I will say there was fire. AND. 9-1-1 was called. Emergency shut down happened. Things were damaged. No one was injured. Thank you, Lord.

Master Gardener plant sale happened on Saturday, with set up on Friday. The day was windy but gorgeous. Plenty people shopped and bought our plants. Check that one off.

Sunday brought rain. We vegged in front of the teevee all afternoon. We checked two movies out the Red Box. Murder on the Orient Express. The Post. We both dozed during the first and were pretty caught up in the second.

Today marks Alice's 3 week birthday. She is doing so great. 
I hope to get back down to Alice's palace real soon. 

Hope your Monday is special.

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